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Name: Terminus

Prompt: Pawn, Mercenary, Reversible

Locomotion: Terminus walks on two legs, he dashes though with his thrusters (which are on his sides, back, and thighs).

Speed: Rather fast and agile, but a bit slow when in the air.

Strength: Average

Endurance: Slightly Below average

Agility traits: Sprints pretty well, an okay climber, and due to thrusters is a pretty decent jumper.

Light melee: Uses the combination of his fists, legs, and small bladed weaponry (IE twin Knifes and wrist mounted blade (which looks similar to the predators) )

  • Light Melee chain attacks:

    • Press X (Single jab to the face)

    • Press X x2 (Jab and right hook to the face)

    • Press X x3 (Jab, right hook, and roundhouse kick)

    • Press X x4 (Jab, Right hook,roundhouse kick, and a diagonal knife slash)

    • Press X x5 (Jab, Right hook, roundhouse kick, diagonal knife slash, and gauntlet twin blade slash uppercut)

Heavy Melee: Uses his energy sword which looks rather similar to grimlocks from fall of cybertron, thrusters which empower physical attacks, and heavy hitting physical attacks

  • Heavy Melee Chain Attacks:

    • Press Y (Sword slash)

    • Press Y x2 (sword slash, and overhead sword slash)

    • Press Y x3 (Sword slash, overhead sword slash, rocket propelled uppercut to the face)

    • Press Y x4 (Sword slash, overhead sword slash, rocket propelled uppercut, , Sword slash Uppercut)

    • Press Y x5 (Sword slash, Overhead sword slash, Rocket propelled uppercut, Sword slash Uppercut, powerful rocket propelled knee smash to the gut)

Reach: Both need to be used at close range

Special moves:

Special move 1- You're terminated: Terminus glows a red aura, before flying forward and doing a series of rocket propelled punches and kicks before ending it with a devastating sword slash which stabs into the opponent's shoulder and is then cut diagonally.

Special Move 2- Minions ATTACK!: Terminus releases out multiple miniature robots which fly towards the player and shoot them three times with lasers (which do not a whole lot of damage) they then come to Terminus chest and fire out a beam of red energy.

Biography: Terminus is a universe known bounty hunter (That's where the mercenary part comes from) and is known for killing his clients with extreme prejudice. His history is mostly unknown, but he became famous by destroying an entire planet with chemical weapons. His new target, is earth.

Appearance: Terminus design takes cues from medieval knights, Grimlock from Transformers fall of cybertron, Fulgore from killer instinct, the predator, and several other transformer designs.

Physical traits: Terminus build is that of a humanoid, but slightly different. His overall look is lean yet muscular (similar to that of fulgore). He has four digits on each hand (three fingers, and one thumb). His feet are similar to TFP megatron, with two digits on each foot and a large heel speer.

Aesthetics: Starting with his head, terminus head resembles that of a futuristic knight helmet, he has horn that curve upwards similar to that of a bull (in terms of shaping). Like a knight he also has a helmet plume on his head, it looks similar to this Knight - Edited.jpgThe little eye part btw is blue. Moving to terminus shoulders, they are rather bulky (but not overly bulky) with some smoothed out shoulder armor that is similar in terms of design to the predators (specifically the one from AVP) but a bit bigger and more smooth looking. Moving down to his arms, terminus has armor covering them which starts at the wrist and end in a point by his elbows (similar to that of TFPS bumblebee). Moving to his hands, they are each covered in armor with spiked points ending at the fingertips (for reference, see the daedric gauntlets from  skyrim).

On his forearms he has a sort of gauntlet which design wise is a combination of fulgore and the predator. Moving to his back, Terminus has a rather smooth back, with some spikes jutting out here and there. He does have a jetpack of speak, it pretty much two large thrusters that allow him to sort of “fly” or hover. Moving to his legs, terminus has small spikes on his knees, they  are there so they can deal a bit more damage when terminus slams his knee into a kaiju. He also has skulls attached to his belt. He also has three gem like orbs on his chest (two on his pecks and one on his abs) he also has the same gems on his hands, They are blue in color.

Weapon aesthetics: Terminus has multiple weapons he uses. He has twin energy knifes, the knife part of it being made of energy, they have those little edges on the right side of the blades. Moving to his gauntlet blades the gauntlet blades are also made of energy, and their design is similar to that of fulgores blades from killer instinct. The gauntlet blades come out though, in a similar fashion to that of the predators. His sword looks like that of Grimlocks from fall of cybertron, but has a crossguard to it. His miniature robots, look like little balls and have a single laser blaster thing. All of his weapons are red in color.

Personality:  Terminus is a smart and calculating individual, He's pretty quiet however and only speaks when there is a reason for speaking. He kills his targets without any remorse and takes what's left of them to upgrade his gear and traps.  If he feels like it, he will sometimes reverse his contracts and attack his employers as well.

Appeal: Terminus is a solid character, he has decent stats and well balanced attacks which make him great fun for new players. He does have a learning curve to him, as his low durability means he can't take much damage  (especially heavy damage) from most kaiju. Terminus was inspired by the predator, grimlock, fulgore, and medieval knights.


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