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Name: Crystelus

Prompt: Divine, Mineral, feminine

Locomotion: Crytelus walks on two legs, she dashes forwards by flapping her wings.

Speed: Average.

Strength: Average

Endurance: Average

Agility traits: Sprints okay, a solid climber, and due to wings is an incredible jumper.

Light Melee: Crystelus uses a combination of beam strikes and physical attacks for her light attacks.

  • Light Melee Chain Attacks:

    • Press X (Claw slash to the face)

    • Press X x2 (Claw slash, bladed knee smash to the gut)

    • Press X x3 (Claw slash, Knee smash, gold beams from the palm of her hands)

    • Press X x4 (Claw slash, knee smash, twin beam strike, weak beam strike from her wings)

Heavy Melee: Crystelus uses her ability over minerals to deal heavy damage.

  • Heavy Melee Chain Attacks

    • Press Y (Powerful Crystal mace smash)

    • Press Y x2 (Mace smash, crystal blade stab into the gut)

    • Press Y x3 (Mace smash, Crystal blade stab, Wings open and fire energy beams)

Reach: Most of the attacks are up close and personal, while the later part of her chain attacks can be used at medium range.

Special Attacks:

Special Move 1- Divine Destruction: Crystelus opens up her massive crystal wings, which start to glow a bright purple aura. Crystelus fires out two gold beams at the player which deal okay damage. She then flies into the air and spreads her wings wide, before firing two golden beams of energy which slam into the player and cause an explosion

Special Move 2-The  Goddess of Minerals- Crystelus charges forward,turning her right hand into a crystal mace, and the other a blade. She then wails on the player with her mace and blade doing two strikes on the player (the attacks do okay damage) before finishing it off by smashing a massive crystal pillar down on the player.

Biography: Not much is not about Crystelus past. Her name has been spread through the ages as an angelic goddess of some sort, only arriving when the world is in dire need of her assistance. And Now since the earth is in dire need of assistance with giant monsters fighting all across the globe, it's very likely that crystelus will return to do battle with the beasts.

Appearance: Crystelus design takes cues from Dragonlotus from Kaiju Combat, Female Knights, and krystalak.

Physical traits: Crystelus build is that of a humanoid/beast hybrid. She is lean and slightly muscular but has some curves to her. She has five digits on each hand (four fingers and one thumb) and digitigrade feet (each foot has five toes). Being Female she does have crystals that form the shape of breasts, they are not that big actually (being around a size C) and don't get in the way of combat. She also has dreadlock like hair which goes all the way down to her shoulders and sports a tail. Her eyes are also a solid gold color.

Aesthetics: Starting with Her head, Crystelus has a visor and battle mask that covers most of her face, The Visor resembles that of Gigans and the battle mask resembles optimus prime's battle mask. The Visor is a semi-transparent  purple color while the battle is white with purple lines moving downwards on the sides of the battle mask. She also has crystal spikes on the sides of her lower jaw.

Moving to her arms, Crystelus forearms sport multiple purple crystals that are pretty much gauntlets for her arms. On her Shoulders she also has little tiny crystals sprouting out of them. Her claws are a purple color, and has two gold gems in the palm of her hands. Moving to her digitigrade legs, her legs have purple armor, and her feet have purple scales.  Moving to her wings, Crystelus sports massive angel like wings, the wing parts being made out of transparent purple crystals.

Moving to her tail, Crystelus tail is rather long and is spiked at the end.

Forgot to mention this but,most of her body is covered with crystal like armor. Her color scheme is primarily white, with the crystals being a purple color.

Appeal: Crystelus Is an average character. She has Average stats, average fighting style, and average special moves. This makes here great fun for players who just want to play for fun and have a good time. 


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