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Hello again good people of DA, im doing another review on the GOTU series, this time the fourth entry in the series, Zedus. Before we get started, GOTU was created by :icondinohunter2: I highly recommend you go check out GOTU and his other projects. 

Now, Im changing up how I do these reviews but they are minor. 1) Looking at the abilities and giving my opinions on them, 2) Looking at the two timelines of the kaiju and giving my opinions on both, 3) Look at the design and give my opinion on it, 4) comparing zedus to his canon version, and 5) Give an overall opinion on everything reviewed in 

If you want to read Zedus profile in full, click the link here
Link: GOTU: Zedus

Alright lets hop into abilities first. 

Zedus Abilities include: Powerful hind legs which allow him to to kick like gorosaurus and jump high enough to touch the sky, muscular flexible tail can be used to smack people in the face, can climb, living underwater gave him huge ass lungs which equals large amounts of stamina on land, spikes on back contain seawater which keeps zedus from drying out, long barbed tongue can pierce armor and flesh alike 

So overall, his abilities are pretty legit for his design and is faithful to the canon version. Now to the history, the history will be split into twos due to the two timelines in place, the GOTU timeline and the DOM timeline. Im going to be summing up the history of both timelines in my own way so here we go

GOTU: Unknown to the modern world, Gamera was not the only monster to awaken. His rebirth was only the beginning of something larger, one in which soon the fate of the world would rest on his shoulders. This bigger thing, was called the cycle, and it had begun anew. The first monster to awaken was zedus, a giant fucking lizard who enjoys licking people and his appearance brought "mysterious" chains of destruction at sea. Like most kaiju he was unfazed by the military and their attempts to stop his path of destruction, a path that cut through coastal villages and was heading towards Ise-Shima..Which is where yoshiro lived. 

Driven to protect the earth and his "dad", Gamera quickly appeared to slap the shit out of zedus. The battle was fierce but brief; In trying to move the fight to a less populated area, gamera gave his foe too much of an advantage and was defeated by Zedus in the ise-shima state park.  

The battle was not a failure as gamera did save a shit ton of lives which made zedus change course and avoid yoshiro home and his friends, gamera took the time to heal. Then we all know how it goes Gamera comes back and beats the living shit out of zedus like the flying badass he is. 

End for history in GOTU for zedus. 

The beginning is pretty much the same for this one. 

Dark Gamera could give a literal two shits about what zedus did. Because of this zedus went on a unstoppable in ise-shima while Dark Gamera was already lighting up the coast of ise bay in flames. The two kaiju laid waste to everything around for three damn days until the crossed paths. 

When the two fought it was vicious, destroying buildings and killing lots of people. Eventually the deadlock between the two was cut short when gamera blasted zedus spines on his back. Zedus tried to retreat to the ocean but was killed and turned into a screaming inferno. Dark Gamera then left, leaving nothing but ash and death behind him. 

End for history in DOM for zedus

WOW what I change in pace, both timelines started out the same but end completely different. GOTU Gamera coming in and saving people is something I really like about this version. He has a certain glow to him and you can see it when he fights. KOM is a much darker version of gamera, and is a neat little concept that im glade :icondinohunter2: did. Hes more brutal in combat and can gives two shits about anybody. 

Overall I give the story a 8/10 

Now for the design 
GOTU: Zedus by DinoHunter2

Now I really do like this redesign, It does change a few things but I still dig the redesign. The colors are nice but I feel their is too much purple here, I think it would have been better if the spikes were a brownish color but thats just me. I love how the hood looks for this, the colors work very well and I really dig it. If Zedus talked/ had a personality I think he would be some smug prick who enjoys eating people and could care less who thinks otherwise. He has this aquatic lizard feel to him which is something I love alot about this redesign as well. 

Comparing the zedus from brave to this, I prefer this one due to the overall slight touches to it. 

Overall I give the desgin a 9/10 

Comparing zedus to the original zedus they are pretty much the same minus the colors and such. 

Finally my overall opinion. 

The two timelines give us a clear view of what zedus is, a savage water creature who loves eating dinner and plays dirty. He is a good start to the series villians in my opinion, because I dont think zedus deserves to be higher on the list of bad guys due to the fact how weak he kind of is. His abilities are pretty solid and fit his design well, his design is also pretty cool as well. Zedus is just a really good start to the GOTU/KOM villains, and im glade about that. 

Overall I give this kaiju a 8/10 spectacular 


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